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Алена Винницкая


Alena Vinnitskaya, whose songs are familiar to almost every Ukrainian, can be briefly presented as an author and performer of her own music and lyrics. During the three years of her solo company, she released 3 albums "Dawn", "007" and "Dolls". Singer Alena Vinnitskaya whose photo can be found in many publications is quite photogenic, which makes her idols indescribable delight.

Alena began writing songs as a child and sent them to the Pionerskaya Pravda newspaper. After some time Alena became a fan of the Kino group and thanks to this she began to play the guitar.

In 1993 Alena creates her first group, The Last Unicorn, where she acts as the author of her music and lyrics. The first concerts are held in the Kiev Central Palace of Culture. Unfortunately, the first attempt to become a singer failed.

For these several years Alena has been working as an insurance agent, but she always thinks about creating her own group. In 1996 Alena gave up her job in an insurance company in the hope of self-realization in music. A long search began. Alena plays in the Theater of the Institute of Ecology, in the Psychological Theater, etc.

A year later, the troupe disbanded due to not very strong management. At the end of 1997 she discovered a new profession for herself - a TV presenter on the music channel "Biz TV". After some time, the future singer will become the host of another TV program "FAN CLUB" on the "Inter" channel. At the same time Alena starts working as a DJ of a radio station. She works from 8 am to 9 pm as "INTERNEWS" and from 10 pm to 2: 00 pm as a radio DJ.

In 2000, Alena was invited as a soloist to one popular project that was at the stage of creation at that time - it was "Via Gra". Alena worked there for three years, and then decided to create her own group and sing her songs.

Alena's debut work as an independent artist became the mega-hit "Forget Everything", this song reached the pinnacle of popularity in Ukrainian and Russian charts. Soon the second hit of the singer appeared - it was "Sunrise", followed by another "Painful Heart". These mega popular songs became the rise of Alena Vinnitskaya as an independent, thinking singer. Some time later Alena plays on stage with The Cardigans, who came to Ukraine to perform with one concert. In 2004 Alena signed an agreement with the representative of the world famous record company "Universal Studio", and soon the first album of the singer "Sunrise" appeared.

A year later, the second album "007" presented Alena in a traditionally male role - as a secret agent. Alena brilliantly coped with such a complex male character, offering the audience her version of James Bond's music. The album also contains new visions of the singer's famous hits performed by the best DJs in the country.

On February 13, 2006 the premiere of the new song "Dolls", the main song of Alena's third album, took place. A video recording of this work was offered to the audience a week later.

Alena is the author of music and lyrics

In the spring of 2006, Alena Vinnitskaya's third album will appear.

The dance music album "Electro" was released in January 2007. "Electro" consists of 12 first-class songs, 12 time-tested hits in a completely new sound. He has amazing remixes of Alena's best songs, which show the relevance of her music not only on radio and television, but also in clubs. Alena Vinnitskaya's creative plans for 2018 are quite grandiose and give her fans boundless hope from enjoying the singer's new achievements.